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Fishing (ie Angling Associations/Clubs/Societies, Fishing Boats, Fisheries, Fishing Lakes/Rivers/Ponds/Lochs, Fishing Holidays, Fishing Tuition, Fishing Supplies (Tackle, Bait, Accessories, etc), Fly Fishing, Carp Fishing, Coarse Fishing, Trout Fishing, etc) in Leicester, Leicestershire, includes the following:-

(Other places in Leicestershire are: Leicester, Market Harborough, Sileby)

Esselle Pole Repairs - Fishing Supplies.  
Watery Gate Coarse Fishery - Fishery.  
GDS Fishing Tackle - Fishing Supplies.  
Whetstone Gorse Fisheries - Fishing Other.  
Braided International Lines Ltd - Fishing Supplies.  
Spring Grange Fisheries - Fishery.  
The Mill on the Soar Fishery - Fishery.  

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